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Why must you give your baby Ban Kah Chai Poh Eng Tan?

The period from birth until the 28th day, is called new born period; the new born baby having just left the mother’s body and is still very fragile, the various physiological functions are still not complete, resistance against various diseases still very weak, therefore easily get sick. For example, stomachache, flu & cough, fever, vomiting, phlegm retention.

Analysis of pharmacological action:

Gastrodia, mother-of-pearl, Bezoar, Amber, Musk

~ tranquilize the mind and calm the spirit, clear away heart-fire and refreshing.

Tabasheer, Fritillaria, Citrus Reticu, Cicada Exuviae, Caraway Seeds

~clear heaty phlegm, eliminate pathogenic wind, relieve exterior disorder, relieve sore-throat.

Sojutsu Var, licorice, Cablin Potchouli Herb, Aqualaria

~ tonify spleen eliminate dampness, resolve dampness and is neutralizing.


New born baby: a week after birth, every morning after bathing to wash the mouth of the baby, or for oral consumption, use until the baby is 1-7 years old.

For children above 1 year of age: each time take a bottle, 2 times a day.

Indication :

Traditionally used for symptomatic relief of stomachache, fever, mild vomiting, cough, cold and reduce phlegm.

Ministry Of Health Malaysia Registration Number : 


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