Ginger Tea and Jujube Tea

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BKC Ginger Tea

BKC Ginger Tea is made with natural juice extracted from the finest old ginger and quality dark brown sugar, with both great taste and pleasant odour, BKC Ginger Tea is effective for cold dispelling and stomach warming. BKC Ginger Tea is packed in individual sachet, it is easy to carry so that you can drink it anytime and anywhere.

The Health Benefits of BKC Ginger Tea:

1)Ease Menstrual Pain

2)Enhance Immune System

3) Prevent Common Cold

4)Ease Dizzinessand Headache

5)Improve Digestion

6)Prevent Cardiovascular Diseases


Contents: Ginger, Brown sugar

Directions For Use: Insert one sachet of ginger powder into a cup, pour in hot water (200ml) and stir. Take 1-2 sachets daily.

Packaging : 10gm x 20's

Product Code : A245

No Siri Kelulusan : 2843/2015
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