Ginger Tea and Jujube Tea

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Brown Sugar Ginger Tea

Healthy Beverage - Brown Sugar Ginger Tea

Product Code : A261

Packaging : 12gm x 10's

The advantages,

 - Ease Dizziness and Headache

 - Enhance Immune System

 - Improve Digestion

 - Prevent Common Cold

 - Ease Menstrual Pain

 - Maternal Health

 - Individual Package

Suitable for,

Women - Through nourishing the Qi and blood, brown sugar ginger tea can enhance women's appearance, warm up the body,

dispel the cold, speed up blood circulation, and smoothen the discharge of menses.

Men - From the Chinese medicine perspective, ginger reinforces the Yang in our body. Brown sugar ginger tea can speed up the metabolism,

activate the meridians, and also has a certain therapeutic effect on kidney deficiency.

Children - Children tend to be picky and refuse to eat. Brown sugar ginger tea can stimulate the secretion of saliva and gastric juice, and enhance their appetite.

The Elderly - The effects of BKC Ginger Tea towards the elderlies include improving blood circulation, promoting regular bowel movements, replenishing their Qi and spleen,and nourishing their heart and lungs.

No Siri Kelulusan : 2843/2015
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