Confinement Care Package

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Confinement Care [email protected] Week - Nourishment

Nourish Liver and Kidney

After enhancing stomach and spleen functions, liver and kidneys can be nourished to ensure better nutrition absorption and proper digestion, so as to secrete adequate nutrition enriched milk for breast feeding. Strong and healthy liver and kidneys can give rise to strong bones and tendons. This can prevent wind and moisture from invading the body, thereby preventing rheumatism for the future.

This Package Contains of :
1. Ban Kah Chai Gold Brand Zhui Feng Su Ho Wan (Big&Small Pill )  2 Boxes 
2. Ban Kah Chai Confinement Herbal Bath ( Mom Series )  2 Boxes
3. Ban Kah Chai Gold Brand Ginseng Plus Pai Fong Pill ( Small Pill )  1 Box
4. Ban Kah Chai Su Ho Oil    1 Bottle
5. Ban Kah Chai Ginger Tea    1 Pack
6. Ban Kah Chai Codonopsis Jujube Tea    1 Box

Confinement Wellness Tonic Soup Mix - Golden 3rd Week

1. Tendon Strengthening Tonic Soup

2. Milk Enhancement Tonic Soup

3. Beauty Tonic Soup

4. Vitality Tonic Soup

5. Polygonum Tonic Soup

6. Tin-Ginseng Tonic Soup

7. Energising Tonic Soup

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