Hk Ban Kah Chai Med. Fty. Sdn. Bhd. production areas have modernized technology equipments, laboratories, quality control system, and clean production rooms. The whole production process have been already achieved Health ministry of Malaysia and GMP standard requirements.

According the requirement of GMP, the company production areas established strict manufacturing process, quality control and complete contamination prevent hygiene system to ensure the company can produce high quality medicine products. Additionally, the company employed professional knowledge and experiences superintendent or staff working in production area. The company also trains the staff members regularly to ensure their skills or knowledge is up to date and attains higher competencies to produce quality products and achieve "Quality First" principle.

The company had own complete facilities laboratories. For example Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, laminar Flow Bench, Autoclave, Cooled Incubator and other facilities to inspected raw material, in process materials, and finish products safety, quality, stability, microbiological and heavy matel test before the products authorized for release by Quality Control Department. Therefore, the company can ensure the safest products are provided in market.



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