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Importance of Confinement

From Chinese medical point of view, over application of force and bleeding during childbirth would cause serious physical exertion, leading to the state of "lack of blood and Qi deficiency". Overall maternal physical conditions, including the health of the reproductive system and other vital organs will take six to eight weeks to recover to a good pre-pregnancy state. If accurate practices of confinement were followed, nourished with suitable nutritional tonics plus given enough rest, the puffed up body figure will be reshaped, even the physical infirmity incurred before the pregnancy will be improved, bringing long-term health in the future.

Accurate confinement practices will not only help to restore the body to the level before pregnancy, but even better than that. Therefore, confinement is getting more and more attention nowadays. BKC Confinement Package (consists of Wellness Tonic Soup Mix) is developed by BKC’s team of physicians after many years of R&D and by reference to the recipe of well-known gynecologist domestically and oversea, the package has strictly followed the traditional Chinese medical theory of “Discharge, Recuperation, Nourishment and Regimen”, giving many postpartum woman the step-by-step approach to the trivia of confinement.


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