Sponsor China Press- 5 hearts car team

- Eat, drink and be merry, car treasure hunt terminal station - conference -

By #bankahchai the honor presented, China Press (China News) hosted, # leisure family for planning units, location Subang Summit.

Car treasure hunt will be on September 1st! Those who have signed up are lucky!!

Each team will be available by the #bankahchai sponsored "travel essential pack" ,

Can be said is an essential companion in the long journey of it! Whether the elderly, adults, youth & children are appropriate.

What exactly does it contain in the medicine bag?

✔ Ban Kah Chai Pil Sakit Perut  - stomach pain, mild diarrhea

✔ Ban Kah Chai Cordyceps Cough Pill - Cough, Phlegm

✔ Ban Kah Chai Traditional Herbal Capsules - body heatiness , sore throat

Ban Kah Chai Kapsul Selsema, Demam, Sakit Kepala - colds, fever

✔ Ban Kah Chai Nutmeg I-Leaf Plus Oil - headache, motion sickness, mosquito bites

✔ Bao Fu Ling Moisturizer - skin allergies, sunburn

After reading the above products, do you want it? No sign up friends don't be sad.

If you are interested in the product can go to www.bankahchai.com website buy Oh!
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