Q: where can i buy the confinement product?
A: sds
Q: hi there, i lived in kl and interested with BAN KAH CHAI GINSENG PLUS ZHENG FEI CAPSULE. i would like to try this product...where can i get it in kl..
Q: what is the appropriate ginseng to help increase weight and increase appetite. where can i get the ginseng.
A: You also can purchase through our web-commerce, www.e-bkc.com,you can purchase any products of Ban Kah Chai at there.
Q: 请问我们还可以在那里买到万家济产品?
A: 各大中小药行都有售卖万家济产品。部分产品也在BHP, Airport, Giant, Easy Pha-max, Jusco, Econsave 等等出售。预知详细资料如产品或特定区域,欢迎您致电或电邮给我们。

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