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Things to Notice During Confinement Period

*   Avoid lifting heavy stuffs

*  Timely urination

*  On time postnatal check

*  Appropriate health food intake

*  Eat more vegetables to prevent constipation

*  Do not move around at early days after delivery

*  Do not bend over while bathing your baby

*  Early breast-feeding is recommended (lie on one-side)

*  Avoid food which is overly salted, acidic, raw or cold

*  Avoid washing and bathing with cold water    (Recommended: BKC Herbal Bath)

*  Recommend drinking Ginger Tea, Lemongrass Tea or Codonopsis Jujube Tea from BKC,   moderate amount water 

Extra Tips: Consequences of Incorrect Confinement Practices

- Anemia                    - Back pain

- Fear of Cold            - Physical Infirmity

- Bad Memory            - Urethritis

- Hair loss                  - Uterine prolapse

- Dark circles             - Numbness

- Dark spots               - Obesity


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