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What is Su Ho Wan?

What is Su Ho Wan? Why need Ban Kah Chai Zhui Feng Su Ho Wan

Due to blood lost and injury sustained during delivery,and emotional changes during pregnancy and delivery,much energy being lost,

hence there is a belief of 'total emptiness'after birth,just a slight carelessness will cause illnesses. Therefore,Chinese pharmacological

gives special. Ban kah chai zhui feng su ho wan is  applicable for postpartum women expelling wind, it excellent effective, to prevent

after confinement month feel back pain, or other parts of the body pain, discomfort or menstrual disorders and so on. Every morning

and evening eat su ho wan  is the traditional confinement practices. Su ho wan together stew with ginger juice the function is

expelling wind. How the taste?Bitter sweet? Let you postpartum without worry.

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